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Luminous Ground Nails Outdoor Camping Tent Nails Fluorescent 25cm Wind Rope Nails Sky Curtain Steel Nail Accessories

Sale price$22.68 USD
In stock


Specification: 25CM

Construction: need to be built

Spatial structure: two-bedroom

Style function: mountaineering, wild survival, ultra-lightweight, night fishing

External account waterproof coefficient: 2000mm (inclusive)-3000mm (inclusive)

Bottom tent waterproof coefficient: 2000mm (inclusive)-3000mm (inclusive)

Applicable people: 5-8 people

Name: 25CM luminous floor nails for camping tents

Size 25CM*8MM

Material: steel + luminous plastic

Outdoor luminous floor nails

High strength stainless steel


Outdoor camping luminous floor nails with luminous effect, safe to use at night,

It is not easy to trip over the tent rope at night,

It can be used in various places and is very convenient


25CM luminous floor nails

SIZE : 25x5cm - 85.5g

All luminous products receive sunlight or light before they emit light! The stronger the light received, the brighter it will be in the dark. Recyclable and durable!


Length: 25CM

Size: 25cm

Color: Steel + Luminous

Material: Steel


High-strength luminous floor nails that will not be deformed under the impact of gravity, the surface is electroplated to reduce rust, and the luminous effect at night makes camping safer

How to use - the ground nail and the ground are inserted at an angle of about 55~60 degrees, and the head can be 4~5cm out of the ground.


Luminous Camping Nails

The light is accumulated over a certain period of time and exists in the form of luminescence in the dark. The longer it is exposed to the light, the longer the night light will last.

Glittering at night, with good visibility, it reduces the risk of tripping over ropes at night.


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